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1.         All Three Specialists  For SSB training Mentors has specialist officers from all three services, with vast experience of being Senior GTOs / Psychologists and Interviewing officers in various SSBs. 

2.         Ground Testing Area  The Institute also has its own full fledged GTO Ground which has different Outdoor Tasks including various Group Tasks / Command Tasks and Individual Obstacles.

3.         Personality Development at Mentors Defence Institute   SSB training at Mentors is more of a Personality Development Programme where candidates are familiarised on leadership skills i.e Officer Like Qualities that are assessed by the selection board. As part of Personality Development programme they are also taught how to develop these leadership skills in day-to-day life through various practices in their daily routine. 

4.         Personal Attention to Each Candidate           At Mentors we give Personal Attention to each candidate to groom their Overall Personality which is our main principle of training. It is for this reason that we keep limited number of candidates in a batch.  In fact each GTO batch at mentors comprises of only 10 to 12 candidates, which is similar to what is followed in SSB. Such limited size of batch has multiple advantages. Firstly it provides exposure to the candidates to participate in a real time scenario of SSB. Secondly in such a limited size of batch, the candidates also get more quality time to clarify all their doubts easily. Thirdly it also helps us to carry out better assessment of each candidate and provide more effective training.

Individual Counselling

 In our Institute Personal Attention is also given to each candidate through the system of Individual Counselling where each candidate is given the opportunity to personally interact with assessor. Individual Counselling will be imparted in all three Techniques, where the assessor will highlight their strengths, weaknesses and how to improve. For example in Psych Technique, full psychological series test is taken with same timeline as is done in SSB, and after analyzing the Answer booklets of each candidate, he or she will be individually counselled by Psychologist`.  In the Interviewing Technique we at Mentors provide each candidate with greater exposure and confidence through two personal interviews by two different interviewing officers; and after each interview the candidate is counselled on his performance and various practices to follow for improvement. In GTO Technique the candidates are counselled on their performance and improvement required thereof after each task and again on overall performance at the end of GTO phase.   

Improving General Awareness at Mentors

At Mentors we give lot of focus on improving General Awareness of Candidates. The Institute provides the candidates with study material in order to enhance their General Awareness. This study material is provided to the candidates in a progressive manner during the period of their training.  In addition to this, the Institute also conducts special classes for candidates on General Awareness. During these classes the candidates are taught about different areas to focus on for improving their General Awareness including different methodology to be adopted towards enhancing their awareness level.   

Duration of Training

Although the duration for completing SSB training at Mentors is two weeks, yet we give one week extra from our side. We keep the candidates for an extended duration of 3 weeks, as Personality Development is a slow and dynamic process. Even after three weeks of SSB Coaching if the candidate has any query he or she is welcome to stay further. Friends we being Mentors are your Friend Philosopher and Guide on this journey of yours and so even after your training at Mentors, if you have any doubts at a later stage you are most welcome to visit us or contact us. 


 This training methodology adopted by the Institute has shown a very high success rate in SSB. Some of the major achievements of the students of Mentors are as follows:-

  (i)       All India Rank One for Technical Entry Scheme (TES) Army. 

  (ii)      Rank 2 for a girl candidate in SSC (Tech) Army/ Women entry in her stream . 

  (iii)     All India Rank 3 for UES Entry / Navy

The details of our results and achievements are available on our website. The reviews by our candidates giving their feedbacks can also be accessed in google maps.

Foundation Course for NDA Coaching

Mentors Defence Institute conducts one year foundation course for NDA Coaching. During this period the candidates are trained for following:-

(i)         Written Coaching for NDA by very experienced faculty 

(ii)         SSB Orientation by the Specialists (GTO/ Psychologists and Interviewing Officer) which is provided free of cost.

(iii)       Personality Development Programme by SSB Team which is provided free of cost. During these Personality Development Classes individual attention is given to each candidate to inculcate leadership skills, which serves as a long term preparation for for the next leg I,e. SSB,  where the candidate is assessed for his or her leadership skills. This is a more effective method for developing the personality of a candidate because personality development is a slow and dynamic process and the more time you have the better it is and the probability of their success in SSB will then be higher.

(iv)       If the candidate qualifies in the written exam for NDA he or she is provided with free SSB Coaching by all three Specialists (GTO/ Psychologists and Interviewing Officer).       

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